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Re-homed Bears

large bear

These bears have all been lovingly rehomed and are fondly remembered by their friends.

This page has been set up to show where they are now living.

Some of these lucky bears have been joined by old friends in their new homes.

To see a description of any bear, please click on their face.

BBB BGB Oddears Softy Whitey Red Nose Cadbury
Devon Cornwall W.Sussex Aberdeenshire Cornwall Kent Kent

Harlequin Golden Elf Socks Flying Flecks Cuddles
Devon Cornwall Cornwall Devon Kent N.Ireland Hampshire

B Cream B Lilac BCB BCSB BLB BSB OddSocks
W.Sussex Hampshire Northampton Northampton Northampton Northampton Northampton

Aberdeenshire Aberdeenshire Cornwall Aberdeenshire Cambridgeshire Kent

Elfie Sami Alf Bears Reddy Eddy Fruity CC Biscuit
Shropshire W.Yorkshire W.Yorkshire S.Yorkshire Middlesex S.Yorkshire Devon

Heartfelt Vanilla CC Santa FrostedCC Red Eye Mega Choccy Sid
S.Yorkshire Devon N.Ireland S.Wales Cornwall Bucks Middlesex

Bluey VeryBerryCC GrottyLotty Candy PeachyCC Oaty Honey
Berlin Germany S. Wales S. Yorkshire W. Sussex Devon N. Yorkshire Hampshire

TickledPink HairyBearyRed Cloudy HBBiscuit Candyfloss Movember
Berkshire N. Ireland Kent N. Yorkshire N. Yorkshire N.Yorkshire

Autumnal Purpley RoseCC SherbetCC Cirrus PorridgeCC MEGA
London Hampshire Hampshire Lancashire Hampshire London Dorset

Jules HBPurple GuessMeBear Romeo Plummy Amore Dutch
N.Yorkshire London Devon S. Wales Lancashire London W.Midlands

Tricolore Spiral Reddy Builder Rosie Happy Random
London Hampshire Hampshire Canada N.Yorkshire Middlesex Northampton

Dotty Regal KLBB Jade MRPBear Barbie
Northampton Northampton Devon Essex Nottingham Essex

Ibiza TwosnBlues Xanadu Hearty AD Bear LemonyCC Relish
Leeds Cheshire Devon Fife Yorkshire Devon Nottingham

WitchyPoo Welly Playful Snowdrop PeachMelba Kingfisher
N. Yorkshire Cheshire Nottingham Devon Devon Cleveland

GiantGreenCC Marmalade WellieBear FatherChristmas Spotty Friendship
Devon Cleveland Devon Dorset Leeds Hertfordshire

FelizNavidad TangoMini Aqua TuttiFruitti Charlie Eyelash
Spain Devon Devon Devon Lincs. Lincs.
MouseMini ChilliMini MonetMini SantaClaus Benjamin FoxgloveMini
Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Cleveland Kent Cleveland

CapleyMini BromleyMini Nautical CherryPie Roxanne Caramel
Cleveland Cleveland Devon Devon Devon Devon

Bubblegum Poppy Burton Rusty Toffee Casper
Devon Devon Devon Devon Devon Devon

Hasty BabySoftPaw BabyWhiteBear Banded Barber Beachcomber
Devon Devon Denbighshire Devon Devon Devon

Lionel BabySanta BabyBigEars BabyRedFaced BabyBruno CottonCandy
Devon London London Devon Devon Shropshire

SmokyBear BabyBrandonBear DevonCustardBear BrambleBear CoralinaBear
Devon Kent Somerset Devon Lincolnshire

Please click on the bear face you wish to view and then scroll upwards to see their details.

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