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large bear

These monkeys are all lovingly handmade and totally cuddly. Each monkey will have it's own personal scarf made to the colour of your choice you just need to request when you order one, your colour preference.

Each monkey has beautiful large, brown button eyes, which have been hand sewn on with a cream or brown felt background. They also have small brown buttons for nostrils and they are sewn onto the muzzle with a pair of black lips. Monkeys would make ideal gifts, or for anybody who would like to give them a loving home.

To comply with regulations each Monkey will be supplied with a certificate that shows the CE label and also has their own back story included.

There will be more than one of each coloured monkey however they all have their own individual personalities and idiosyncrasies.

Please click onto the face of a monkey to view.

Orangey Silverback PeaGreen GoldenOldie

Please click HERE if you wish to see the monkeys that have already found a new home

Care Instructions: Plenty of love and hugs.

Please note: Unsuitable for small children, as the button eyes could become detached.

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