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Rehomed Rabbits

large bear

These rabbits have all been happily rehomed and are fondly remembered by their friends.

This page has been set up to show where they are living now.

Some rabbits are living together and some have moved abroad.

More rabbits will be coming soon....

To see a description of any rabbit, please click on their face.

Whitey Bluey HeartyRabbit Saucey
N. Yorkshire N. Yorkshire Wales Cleveland

Bertrum Sorbet Roberta Jeffery
N. Yorkshire London Germany Germany

Nuggworth Merlot OddEars Rushabout
N. Yorkshire Devon Devon Devon

BerniceButtonless Rachel BethanyButtonless BabyBelle
Devon Devon Devon Devon

BabyTickledPink BabyBluebell BabyLatte BabyBeatrice
Devon Devon Devon Devon

BabyBrompton BabySpotty BabyWonkyWabbit BabyBreweryBunny
Devon Devon Devon Devon (temporarily)

BabyBlushing BabyBetsy BabyBrainy BabyBarillaBunny
Devon Devon Devon Nottingham

Care Instructions: Plenty of love and hugs.

Please note: Unsuitable for small children, as the button eyes could become detached.

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